Dr. Dralle’s Selection

Special products with particular effectivity

Dr. Dralle’s Selection contains a selection of skin type-specific cleansing products, peelings, masks and ampoules for different skin conditions and needs, with visible immediate or long-lasting effects.

Dr. Dralle’s
Cleansing milk

Ultra-gentle facial cleansing

Dr. Dralle’s
Cleansing foam

Water-soluble cleansing with feel-good effect

Dr. Dralle’s
Moisture Facial Toner

Moisturizing freshness boost

Dr. Dralle’s
Anti-Aging Facial Toner

Soothing, refreshing tonic

Dr. Dralle’s Gentle Enzyme Peeling Powder with Moisture Facial Toner

Particularly gentle enzyme peeling

Dr. Dralle’s Enzyme Peeling Powder with Moisture Facial Toner

Pore-refining, cell-activating enzyme peeling

Dr. Dralle’s
Power Lifting Ampoule

Energy-lifting at the highest level (10 single ampoules)