Dr. Dralle’s Moisture

Special range for fresh, healthy and long-lasting smooth skin

Water is the source of beauty. It transports all active ingredients into the cells, is involved in all processes in the skin and ensures that it can regenerate itself regularly. The skin’s moisture gives the skin a firm, plump appearance and keeps it elastic. If the skin’s ability to bind water is limited, it appears wrinkled and dry and tends to develop premature wrinkles.

Dr. Dralle’s Moisture products moisturize the upper skin thoroughly and form a moisture depot in the deeper skin layers. They increase the water-binding capacity and prevent trans-epidermal water loss.

Dr. Dralle’s
Moisture Facial Toner

Moisturizing freshness boost

Dr. Dralle’s
Moisture Serum

Moisture-provider for rejuvenated skin

Dr. Dralle’s
Moisture Facial Lotion

Thirst-quencher for the skin

Dr. Dralle’s
Moisture Cream

Intensively moisturizing care cream

Dr. Dralle’s
Moisturizing Eye Cream

Smoothing eye care for fresh and healthy skin